What Life Lessons Did You Learn?

Life continually rolls forward. At various times throughout the year you probably consider the year previously and the lessons learned. You may consider your learned lessons during your birthday, at certain holidays or as the New Year begins.

What did you learn?

It actually does not matter what you learned as much as that you did learn something from the previous year. You need to learn, you need to grow and develop from those lessons. The lessons you get from the school of life can vary and what you learn from those lessons can change as you gain new perspectives and gather more information.

Why does what I learn change?

You may not have all the facts when you first realize something. Other information may come into play that changes how you view the lesson learned. Perhaps someone shares another perspective and it alters how you perceive the situation. These are all good things as we should always be learning and growing.

What lessons should I learn?

The thing about life is everyone is unique. You are unique in who you are, your memories, your future, your goals and your perspective. Just because you witness something with someone does not mean you both have the same ideas and view of what happened.

Ever listen to different people recount a major event?

It does not matter who they are with or how many other people are there, each sees different details. One may notice the colors another the sounds. The photographer may notice the photographic moments while the report may notice the stories. This is part of life as is learning from all those moments.

How does learning lessons help me in life?

Your success depends on knowing what works. More important than what works, is what works for you. What this means is that you need to take lessons learned and learn how to apply them to your life and make them work for your future and success.

How do I make lessons work for my success?

If you have played golf, there are certain techniques that work and create a successful golfer. Each individual has minor differences that mean modifying these techniques to fit their individual skills and abilities. While one golfer may be able to hit long shots, another is able to have a great deal of control that allows them more difficult shots. These differences do not mean one golfer is better than another, it just means learning how to apply those skills to reach the hole or goal in life.

What does this mean in my life?

You are the only one who can reach your goals. Reaching your goals requires knowing what it takes to reach those goals and how you can go about reaching them. What works for another person may not work for you. What another person does may not fit into your life. A person with little children has different obligations than a person with adult children. Take your lessons learned and learn how to make them work for you.